Are you looking for bright career...?

We, St. Josephians are looking to employ a teacher with a talent for engaging learners and supporting their development through lessons, workshops and activities, devised and delivered in line with curriculum standards. You will be skilled in producing engaging content, and presenting material in a range of means to suit your learners needs and abilities.

You will have responsibility for assessing students, evaluating progress, marking work, and developing learning plans in the context of a safe learning environment, adhering to teaching standards and legal requirements.

We are looking for someone with excellent communication skills, who can adapt their style to suit the needs and level of your students, as well as implementing behaviour management programs and knowing when to offer additional support.

SJS recruits the educators at the beginning of the academic session. An inevitable situation, it recruits the needed educators in between the academic session. Candidates who are looking forward to be a part of SJS, may send their CV to school mail. You may also download the blank application form from the link given. The duly filled in application forms may be send to school email or by post / courier to the school address.


Blank Application Form

Send your filled in application form to:

BIHAR, PIN – 801 303