The St. Mary's Academy community understands staff behaviours is the corner stone to advancing our school’s mission and values statement. St. Mary's Academy staff collectively and individually commit to the following practices:

  • We provide an inviting classroom environment with clear expectations and specific academic and behavioural goals.
  • We promote positive behaviours and attitudes by modelling the qualities of good character both with colleagues and students.
  • We collaborate with students throughout the learning process to achieve academic success and celebrate accomplishments.
  • We collaborate with colleagues to apply proven. effective classroom learning strategies and management practices to enhance students learning.
  • We demonstrate excellence through character education by providing a variety of opportunities to incite their active support of St. Josephs School and its students.
  • We are dedicated to developing and improving teaching strategies through professional development.


All major educational institutions use education logos to help show and promote their reputation and their brand identity. Educational logo designs must demonstrate that these educational institutions work hard to impart to students knowledge, confidence, morals, values and discipline. Our school logo represents:

  • The Shield in the logos represent our school unity and integrity in ensuring the security of the students.
  • The book represents the knowledge which is the candle of ignorance.
  • The lamp symbolizes our combined energy towards realizing our aspirations.
  • The lamp represents our effort to bring brightness to the students’ life.
  • Book, represents knowledge, life, strength and learning.
  • Cross, represents Faith, benediction, determination and bereshit.
  • The Quote “WISDOM ENLIGHTEN ALL” itself mean it.